• Three Reasons Why You Should Use Cash Instead Of Collateral When Hiring A Bail Bondsperson

    If you are suddenly faced with having to rescue a family member from jail by using the services of a bail bondsperson, there are some things you should know first. First of all, you can secure bail bonds with cash or with collateral, such as an expensive car or your house. If you want to use collateral to secure a bail bond, you will sign a document attesting to the fact that you are using an item of value as the downpayment for the bail bond and the bail bondsperson's services. [Read More]

  • The Benefits Of Using Accredited Crowdfunders As An Investment

    Investors have often turned to crowdfunding in order to diversify their investment portfolios. Many financial advisers suggest that investors who want to add to their passive income sources partake in accredited crowdfunding platforms. Accredited crowdfunding is designed to protect both crowdfunders and investors from any problems while also fostering best practices for crowdfunding platforms. Accreditation is granted based on an interview and review process of individual platforms; they must meet the qualification criteria during a rigorous application process. [Read More]

  • Collect Coins? Join An Online Community For Coin Collectors!

    If you are a coin collector, you might love talking about coins. If you do, you should think about joining an online community for coin collectors. There are plenty of forums and social media groups out there for people who love coins just like you do, and the benefits of participating in one of these online communities can be great. These are a few benefits that you can enjoy by joining one -- or more -- of these groups. [Read More]

  • 3 Fallacies Regarding Fraud In Small Businesses And What You Can Do About Them

    Small businesses often thrive because they trust their employees. They are small in size and sometimes believe that they are invincible to embezzlement and fraudulent activities. However, this is not necessarily true. In fact, here are three misconceptions related to small businesses and fraud: It Doesn't Occur in Smaller Businesses – Regardless of size, every single business is susceptible to fraud. When you make the decision to ignore possible threats or fail to take preventative steps to guard your business, your company is that much more at risk. [Read More]

  • Four Things You Need To Know About How Bail Bonds Work

    Getting a call late at night from a friend or family member who has been arrested can be a scary thing. The first thing you want to do is get them out of there and home so you can sort out what to do next. You will generally have to post bail in order for the person to be released. The bail amount is set by the court and varies depending on the seriousness of the crime he or she is charged with and his or her past criminal history (if any). [Read More]

  • Investing In Gold? Why You Shouldn't Keep It In A Safe Deposit Box

    Buying gold is an excellent way to invest, but unlike with some other investments, you have to think about how and where you will store it. A lot of people decide to store their gold in safe deposit boxes at the bank, which can seem like a great way to keep it safe. However, this isn't the best option for a few reasons. Instead, you may want to consider storing it in a safe in your home or in some other secure location. [Read More]