Benefits Of Posting Bond During A Pandemic

Posted on: 20 November 2020

For many arrested individuals, there is an opportunity to get released on bail after they are booked into jail. Some situations require individuals to wait a short period of time in jail. The waiting period is usually because of the charges and a need for a judge to set or deny a bond. Sometimes recognizance bonds are given by judges. These bonds allow individuals to be temporarily released at no cost but with an understanding that they must come to their court date(s). Individuals who are granted a bond can post bail if they have resources, or they can opt to use a bondsman as a resource to get out of jail. For further information, contact a bail bonds service.

Pandemics can cause stress mainly because of the widespread illnesses and economical strains caused by them. Stressed individuals may participate in high-risk activities such as substance abuse. Job insecurity can cause individuals to commit other acts such as shoplifting or burglaries. Hope for better circumstances may seem bleak and lead to some arrested individuals thinking that it is in their best interest not to bond out of jail. However, the following points represent meaningful reasons for individuals to post bail through a bail bonds process. 


If you have a loving family, you likely will not save them a lot of money by choosing to remain in jail. This is because inmates with supportive family members often rely on their families to send them money for commissary purchases. Making collect phone calls is another expense. Sometimes a person being incarcerated may put more of a financial burden on their families because of the family trying to provide extra money to the inmate to have access to hygiene items, snacks, and communication. Families who struggle to "barely make ends meet" might benefit more from an incarcerated individual being free on bond because the accused individuals could work while awaiting their court dates.

Protect Relationships

Pandemics may change the structure of jail visitations. It may temporarily be unallowed. Some jails do not allow minors to visit inmates regardless of whether there is a pandemic. Time spent away from loved ones may negatively impact relationships. Freedom allows an opportunity to try to make familial bonds and other relationships as strong as possible while out on release. Some individuals who post bail bonds do not have to return to jail after their court dates. They may be ordered to pay fines, do probation or community service time, or their charges may get dismissed. 

Protect Health

Jails will usually have their own protocols during pandemics to reduce the chances of outbreaks within facilities. However, with new arrests being made and individuals appearing asymptomatic when arrested, it is possible for infected individuals to end up in the general population. Overcrowded jails may struggle to enforce social distancing. This makes it sensible from a health standpoint for arrested individuals with a bond to use a bail bondsman to get out of jail.