Six Things To Remember When Playing The Lottery Through A Pool

Posted on: 26 August 2019

Being involved in a lottery pool at your office or through another organization is a great way to maximizing your chances of winning. However, there are a few things you need to remember when organizing and participating in a lottery pool to avoid conflict and keep things organized.

The following are six things to remember when playing the lottery through a pool:

Putting the agreement in writing

Before you even consider playing the lottery in a pool, you need to establish a detailed agreement regarding how the money will be split. 

Any details you overlook when you create your written agreement could lead to conflict down the road. Make sure you discuss and put in writing how the money will be split, redeemed, and handled in the event that the pool has a winning ticket. 

Providing everyone involved with a copy of the agreement

After the agreement has been put in writing, a copy of it should be provided to everyone who is in the lottery pool. This way, everyone knows the details of the agreement and has a written copy they can consult if they have any questions. 

Securing the pool of tickets

It's best if tickets can be placed in a safe or some secure area. Tickets need to be stored under lock and key in an agreed-upon location. It's important that access to the tickets is limited to those who are in on the lottery pool agreement. 

Creating copies of the tickets

Keeping careful records of the ticket details is important. All of the tickets should be copied, and copies should be distributed throughout the lottery pool group. This way, there are no questions about whether the pool includes a winning ticket or not. 

Setting rules for how tickets will be redeemed

Your lottery pool group should decide in advance whether winning tickets will be redeemed by one individual or together as a group. Rules should be set for how tickets will be redeemed so that everyone in the group knows how winning will be handled from the beginning. 

Having a leader

It's often a good idea to designate a leader who can handle organizing the lottery pool. The leader can handle all the important tasks including making copies of the tickets and the agreement. The leader can also be responsible for distributing these copies throughout the group.

Another important task that the leader is good for is redeeming winning tickets and distributing the winnings. The designated leader needs to be a trustworthy and organized individual.

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