Three Business To Create With A Short Term Loan That Draw Cash Immediately

Posted on: 28 June 2016

Sometimes when you make an investment, you need it to pay off immediately. If you are unemployed and you are looking to start working for a paycheck right away, one of the things that you can consider doing is taking out a short term loan (from an outlet such as Advance U Cash) to start your own small business. Though the pay when you first start out may not be as high as working for a company, having the option for cash on hand now and growth later can make it a profitable venture. Here are three businesses that you can start with a short term cash loan to draw money immediately.  

Dog walking and baby sitting

If you want to start out a dog walking business, you will need a little extra equipment but you will have the option to take on unlimited business. As a dog walker, it is a good idea to have some of your own leashes on hand, as well as bottled water, dog food, bowls, and dog toys. With the help of your short term loan, you can purchase these tools at local stores. You can also create flyers, online paid advertisements, and business cards. Passing these out at dog parks, local pet stores, and more can get you immediate cash on hand shortly.    


Babysitting requires that you are good with kids. Most parents are also interested in hiring nannies and babysitters that can act as a tutor and are first aid certified. If you meet these certifications, you can be paid daily or weekly as a babysitter, whether you work full time or every once in a while. After you take out your loan, you can advertise your services, take certification classes as necessary, and create your own "fun kit" with things to do with the children you babysit. 

Delivery business

Whether you elect to work as a courier between businesses, or if you are interested in doing food or people deliveries, this will only require a car, gas, and good auto insurance. Marketing will be the number one way to get started in delivery services. You can offer delivery services such as grocery order and delivery, child pick ups and drop offs after school, and fast food delivery services. Use your short term money to get your car spruced up, or even to buy vehicle if necessary. Be sure you have good auto insurance and you put the money aside to gas up your vehicle every day before heading out to make immediate money.