How To Save Money When Using A Bail Bonds Agent

Posted on: 18 May 2021

Everyone knows that bail can be costly. There are, however, a few alternatives for reducing the bail costs. The most viable option is to obtain a bail bond. With the help of a certified bail agent to get your loved one released from jail. The bond agent will cover the bail, and you will pay the bail agent a service fee which is only a fraction of the bail price.

While this is a safe alternative, it may still be very costly. To avoid incurring more expenses, use the following cost-effective tips when hiring a bail bonds agency service.

Pay Using a Credit Card

Most reputable and experienced bail bond agents allow their clients to use a credit card if they don't have enough cash to cover the bond. The agent agrees to any credit card under your name. Using this method prevents the chance of stretching out the payment beyond the due date, hence lessening more financial troubles. 

Choose a Licensed Bail Bond Agent

When looking for a bail bond agent, don't just go for the first person who provides their services. Instead, hire someone who has previously worked for a reputable bail bond agency. A licensed bail bonds agent will be committed to seeing your loved one out of jail. They are also known to offer affordable services. Be sure to check on customer reviews before settling for any agent.

Pay in Installments

When it comes to providing the full cost of bail, any seasoned agent can understand a family's pain. Most reputable bail bond agents allow their clients to pay in installments. Some also accept as little as a 5% down payment and require the remainder to be paid over time. 

Use Your Collateral Wisely

A bail bonds agent stands to pay the court in full if your loved one decides not to attend a court hearing. As a result, no bail bonds agent will accept such a risk without some guarantee, hence collateral.

You should avoid committing assets like your house, car, or land. Instead, use assets that are of the same value as the bail. They can be cash in saving accounts, jewelry, or even a gun where applicable. This prevents you from risking more valuable assets.

Watching your loved one go to jail due to lack of bail is heartbreaking. Not only can the ordeal result in stress but also financial constraints. However, choosing a reputable bail bonds agency can save you from spending too much on the bail bond. Therefore, take time and research carefully before making a final decision.

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